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World Baseball Classic 2023

Best player on each 2023 World Baseball Classic team


The elite global competition in international baseball returns with the World Baseball Classic 2023. Featuring many of the sport’s biggest stars representing their home countries, the WBC promises to be a thrilling display of talent. With national pride and a championship on the line, the tournament headlines the baseball calendar heading into the MLB regular season.

Tournament Format

Similar to soccer’s World Cup, the WBC features 16 countries competing in four pools during group play. The top two finishers in each pool advance to an eight-team single elimination bracket. Games will be played across Asia and North America through the semi-finals, which are scheduled for LoanDepot Park in Miami. A neutral site World Series venue will host the WBC Final.

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Every MLB team's our teams baseball power ranking
Every MLB team’s our teams baseball power ranking

Participant Pool

Most major baseball nations are returning for the 2023 WBC. Two-time champions and tournament favorites Dominican Republic boast an intimidating roster headlined by Juan Soto. Fellow contenders USA (Mike Trout, Mookie Betts) and Japan (Shohei Ohtani) also boast MLB superstar talent. Hosts including Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and South Korea help round out the competitive field.

Key Players

In addition to generational wunderkinds like Soto and Ohtani suiting up, a who’s who of today’s biggest MLB names have committed to the WBC. Reigning AL and NL MVPs Aaron Judge and Paul Goldschmidt will look to World Baseball Classic 2023 guide Team USA to glory. Iconic veterans like Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina pulled on their Puerto Rico and Venezuela jerseys one final time to seek elusive titles.

Betting Odds and Prediction

According to most sportsbooks, Dominican Republic enter as betting favorites for 2023 WBC gold. Their intimidating lineup earns them the frontrunner status. Close behind with short odds are USA, Puerto Rico, Japan and Venezuela in a wide open field. Given the unpredictable nature of baseball, almost any country could claim the crown this time around. Our prediction is a DR vs Japan final with the Dominicans winning it all.

World Baseball Classic Moved By MLB, Union ground 2023
World Baseball Classic Moved By MLB, Union ground 2023
Tournament Schedule

Round robin group play runs from March 8-20 across Asia and North America. World Baseball Classic 2023 Quarter-finals kickoff on March 15 with the semi-finals and finals in March 21 and 22 from Miami. With many MLB stars on display, exhibitions against MLB teams also take place from late February building up.

The Winner’s Benefits

While national pride drives many participants, the WBC winning team also earns its share of the tournament revenue pool and individual player bonuses. For minor league players, strong WBC performances World Baseball Classic 2023 can increase their MLB opportunities. And returning stars use it to ramp up for opening day. Expect all out effort for global bragging rights.

World Baseball Classic 2023

In addition to player incentives and a share of the tournament revenue, the WBC winning team is incentivized by a sense of national pride for many players. A strong WBC can increase a minor league player’s chances of being drafted into the major leagues. Returning actors also utilize it as a preparation for the big day. Expect to give it your all for the chance to boast about it to the entire world.


As baseball’s premium international event held every four years, the 2023 World Baseball Classic promises to dazzle with iconic veterans and rising young phenoms on display. Stars like Juan Soto, Mike World Baseball Classic 2023 Trout and Shohei Ohtani marching for their home countries create must-see TV. With national pride at stake, bet on exhilarating play until a deserving global champion is crowned March 22 in Miami.

What to watch for in all 8 World Baseball Classic games Saturday
What to watch for in all 8 World Baseball Classic games Saturday

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What are the pools/groups for the 2023 tournament?

Pools A-D feature Japan, Korea, China, Australia, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Israel, Netherlands, Cuba, Italy and Panama.

When/where is the championship game?

The WBC Final is March 22, 2023 at a neutral MLB ballpark in the United States. LoanDepot Park hosts the semifinals.

Who won the previous two WBC tournaments?

Dominican Republic won in 2013 and 2017. Japan won the inaugural World Baseball Classic 2023 event in 2006.

What does the winning team receive?
World Baseball Classic's biggest winner is baseball

A prize money pool share and individual player bonuses. It’s mainly about national pride.

Where can I watch WBC games on TV and streaming?

Every game airs live on the MLB Network or MLB.TV. Some games World Baseball Classic 2023 also air on ESPN Deportes.

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