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Steelers vs Ravens Clash: NFL Box Stats, Scores and Highlights

Steelers vs. Ravens prediction


Since the Baltimore Ravens’ inaugural season in 1996, a bitter NFL rivalry has brewed with divisional foe Pittsburgh Steelers. Fueled by proximity, familiarity, and hard-hitting affairs, the Steelers-Ravens series has grown into one of football’s most intense modern rivalries. These AFC North enemies battle biannually in high-stakes contests often carrying playoff implications. The bruising, bitter mood produces nail-biters frequently decided in the waning moments.

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Steelers vs. Ravens: How to watch Saturday NFL game on TV, stream, date, time
Steelers vs. Ravens: How to watch Saturday NFL game on TV, stream, date, time

Steelers vs Ravens


Week 18 · NFL schedule

Steelers10-7-0Today · Final17 – 10@ Ravens13-4-0
  • 1234Total
  • Steelers7001017
  • Ravens070310

M&T Bank Stadium

Clash of Styles

This feud features contrasting styles and identities between Pittsburgh’s polished offensive potency and Baltimore’s gritty defensive dominance. Steelers legends like Ben Roethlisberger and Hines Steelers vs Ravens Ward have strategized to solve the complex blitzing schemes of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed’s units. Both teams pride themselves on toughness and physical play, resulting in punishingly violent on-field collisions over the years. These differing approaches only amplify the drama when they face off.

Epic Games and Playoff Showdowns

With so much familiarity as frequent division rivals, the Steelers and Ravens continually produce instant classics. Last-second field goals and gritty goal-line stands have decided numerous down-to-the-wire thrillers. Steelers vs Ravens Their high-stakes playoff battles like the 2008 and 2010 matchups also generated lasting memories. Onfield bad blood reached a fever pitch in these emotionally charged games with conference supremacy at stake.

Two Prideful Franchises

Ultimately, it’s the teams’ mutual reputations for tradition, resilience, and championships that launches this rivalry into the NFL stratosphere. Both clubs take pride in accomplishing things “the right way” through consistency, physicality and longevity. Steelers vs Ravens When these esteemed franchises meet, neither side takes the matchup lightly given the possibility of playoff and league-wide bragging rights.

The Thrilling Encounter on January 7, 2024

Discuss the thrilling encounter between the Steelers and the Ravens on January 7, 2024. Highlight the key moments of the game, such as Najee Harris’s impressive performance that led the Steelers to a victory with a score of 17-10.

Steelers vs Ravens Anytime Touchdown Props
Steelers vs Ravens Anytime Touchdown Props

Player Performances

Discuss the standout performances from the game. For the Steelers, Najee Harris had an impressive game with 112 rushing yards and a touchdown. Mason Rudolph also had a solid game with 152 passing yards and a touchdown. Steelers vs Ravens For the Ravens, Tyler Huntley passed for 146 yards and a touchdown, and also rushed for 40 yards.

The Impact of the Game

Discuss the impact of this game on the overall standings of the Steelers and the Ravens. The Steelers ended the season with 10 wins and 7 losses, while the Ravens ended with 13 wins and 4 losses.

Steelers vs Ravens 2024

The game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens on January 7, 2024, was a thrilling encounter. Steelers vs Ravens The game ended with the Pittsburgh Steelers winning with a score of 17, and the Baltimore Ravens losing with a score of 101. The game was held at the M&T Bank Stadium.

Key player performances for the Steelers included:

  • Najee Harris: Receiving Yards: 21, Receptions: 5, Rushing Yards: 112, Touchdowns: 1
  • Mason Rudolph: Passing Yards: 152, Touchdowns: 1
  • Diontae Johnson: Receiving Yards: 89, Receptions: 4, Touchdowns: 1

Key player performances for the Ravens included:

  • Tyler Huntley: Passing Yards: 146, Rushing Yards: 40
  • Charlie Kolar: Receiving Yards: 23, Receptions: 3
  • Gus Edwards: Rushing Yards: 48

This game added to the storied rivalry between the Steelers and the Ravens, with both teams showing impressive performances. The anticipation for future encounters between these two teams continues to build.


The era-defining players, coaches and teams adding chapters to this feud ensure it endures as a pinnacle NFL rivalry. Steelers vs Ravens With young franchise quarterbacks leading the way, Pittsburgh and Baltimore seem destined to author the next dramatic chapters in their duel for AFC North supremacy.

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Steelers vs. Ravens final score, results
Steelers vs. Ravens final score, results


When did the Steelers and Ravens rivalry begin?

The rivalry began in 1996 when the Ravens franchise debuted after relocating from Cleveland and joined the AFC North alongside Pittsburgh.

How often do the teams play each other?

As division rivals, the Steelers and Ravens meet twice per regular NFL season and occasionally square off in the playoffs as well.

Who are some star players in the rivalry?

All-time greats like Hines Ward, Ray Lewis, Troy Polamalu and Ed Reed helped cultivate this intense Steelers vs Ravens rivalry over the years.

What are the teams’ overall records against each other?

Pittsburgh narrowly leads the all-time series 32-24. But Baltimore has won many key playoff showdowns.

What was their most memorable playoff matchup?

The 2008 AFC Championship game, won by Pittsburgh on the road in Baltimore, featured one of the hardest-hitting showdowns between these bitter rivals.

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