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Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens

Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens Final Match

Introduction Despite not being division rivals, the Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens have managed to cultivate one of the AFC’s most intense modern rivalries. Since Baltimore’s franchise launched in 1996, these AFC heavyweights have battled nearly 40 times in regular season and playoff bouts, forging plenty of bad blood and high-stakes drama along the way. With postseason berths and Championship dreams often on the line, the latest Dolphins-Ravens clash always carries significance.

Clash of Styles

Miami and Baltimore feature contrasting identities and styles that only amplify their on-field rivalry. The Dolphins employ an aerial, pass-happy finesse offense. Meanwhile, the Ravens bully foes with physicality and punishing defense. Seeing which approach prevails fuels the intrigue when they face off. The teams’ differences even extend to their color schemes, with Miami’s bright aqua tropical colors clashing with Baltimore’s intimidating purple and black tones.

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Miami Dolphins bold predictions
Miami Dolphins bold predictions

Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens: A Dive into the Deep, a Soar through the Sky

The air crackles with anticipation in Baltimore as the Miami Dolphins, sleek predators of the south, prepare to lock horns with the Baltimore Ravens, ferocious defenders of the north. It’s a clash of styles, a battle of philosophies, a story told in splashes of teal and thunderclaps of purple.

Sun and Grit:

The Dolphins, coached by the cerebral Mike McDaniel, bring a dynamic offense fueled by Tua Tagovailoa’s pinpoint throws and Jaylen Waddle’s electric speed. They attack like a stingray, quick and precise, seeking opportunistically to puncture the Ravens’ armor. Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens Their defense, anchored by the enigmatic Christian Wilkins, thrives on opportunistic interceptions and opportunistic strip sacks, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Steel and Soul:

The Ravens, led by the passionate John Harbaugh, counter with a punishing ground game orchestrated by Lamar Jackson’s Houdini-esque escapes and the battering ram that is J.K. Dobbins. Their defense, a swarm of purple wings led by Roquan Smith and Marcus Peters, suffocates their prey, leaving offenses gasping for air in their suffocating pressure.

Beyond the X’s and O’s:

This clash transcends mere statistics. It’s a battle of narratives: the underdog Dolphins, hungry to prove their legitimacy, versus the Ravens, seasoned warriors seeking to reclaim their place atop the AFC. It’s a clash of cities: Miami’s sunshine swagger versus Baltimore’s steel-forged grit. Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens It’s a clash of legacies: the Dolphins’ “No-Name Defense” echoing against the Ravens’ Ray Lewis-ian intensity.

What to Watch For:

  • Can Tua Tagovailoa outduel Lamar Jackson in a battle of young QBs?
  • Will the Dolphins’ speedy receivers find cracks in the Ravens’ aggressive secondary?
  • Can the Ravens’ vaunted rushing attack overpower the Dolphins’ opportunistic defense?
  • Which narrative will take flight: the Dolphins’ rise or the Ravens’ resurgence?
Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens
Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens

Mark your calendars, football fans. Dolphins vs. Ravens is not just a game; it’s an event. A story waiting to be written. Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens A spectacle of gridiron ballet played in sweat and passion. Will the sun shine through the cracks in the storm, or will Baltimore’s thunder drown out the ocean’s roar? Tune in and find out.

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Playoff Pedigree

With both teams experiencing postseason success since the late 1990s, their games often directly impact the playoff picture. In 1997’s Wild Card round, Vinny Testaverde’s Ravens knocked off Dan Marino’s Dolphins. Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens Their 2008 playoff duel saw Chad Pennington lead Miami past rookie Joe Flacco’s Baltimore squad. With playoff berths regularly hanging in the balance, this rivalry takes on high stakes.

Unforgettable Players and Coaches

Series heroes like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs have foiled Dolphins greats such as Marino, Ricky Williams and Cameron Wake over the years. Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens And coaches like Brian Billick, John Harbaugh, Nick Saban, Adam Gase and Mike McDaniel have matched wits. Icons on both sides have left lasting marks on this AFC feud.


With both franchises possessing proud traditions and continuing championship aspirations, their rivalry shows no signs of cooling. Miami Dolphins vs Baltimore Ravens The 2024 season presents another opportunity for Tua Tagovailoa and Lamar Jackson to lead their talented teams against a familiar foe. When the aqua and purple clash, the AFC feels the impact.

Baltimore Ravens New Team
Baltimore Ravens New Team

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When did the Dolphins and Ravens first meet?

The Dolphins first faced the Ravens in 1997, which was Baltimore’s second season after relocating from Cleveland to start play in 1996 as an expansion team.

How often do they play?

As part of the AFC but in separate divisions, the Dolphins and Ravens meet roughly once every three years in the regular season. Playoff matchups occasionally supplement the rivalry as well.

What was their most memorable playoff matchup?

In the 1997 Wild Card playoffs, Vinny Testaverde led the Ravens to a 20-3 road upset over Dan Marino’s Dolphins in Miami, marking Baltimore’s first playoff win.

Who are some signature players in the rivalry?

All-Pros like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Cameron Wake and Ricky Williams are among the legends who have left lasting marks on this AFC rivalry over the past 20+ years.

What are the teams’ all-time records against each other?

The Dolphins narrowly lead the regular season series 9-8 after nearly 40 all-time meetings with the Ravens since 1996.

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