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Dolphins VS Cowboys 22-20 on Jason Sanders FG Time Expires: Highlights, Stats and Reaction

Cowboys vs. Dolphins prediction, odds, pick, how to watch NFL Week 16 game


When the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins take the field, two of the NFL’s most iconic franchises ignite a rivalry steeped in legacy, bitterness, glory and history. As two of pro football’s premier brands with national followings, their matchups become events circled in red on the calendar. Dolphins vs Cowboys Generations of football royalty from Roger Staubach to Emmitt Smith to Dak Prescott have battled Miami’s best across epic eras. This rivalry runs deep.

The Landry and Shula Impact

Two Hall of Fame coaches helped shape the early days of the rivalry. Dallas coach Tom Landry and Miami’s Don Shula were master strategists who pioneered eras of sustained dominance for their clubs in the 1970s. Their annual chess matches defined the rivalry during the decade, as Staubach and Bob Griese led their teams. Dolphins vs Cowboys Off the field, Landry and Shula shared mutual respect, but on game days, it was competitive fury.

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Thanksgiving Classics

Some of the most memorable Cowboys vs Dolphins clashes occurred on Thanksgiving Day. The holiday doubleheader at Texas Stadium provided a showcase for bitter feuds and family viewing. In 1993, the Leon Lett blunder allowed Miami to stun Dallas. The 1993 game also featured the Dolphins vs Cowboys snowy debut of the Dolphins’ bold new creamsicle jerseys, now an iconic part of the team’s lore. Thanksgiving would serve up several more classics between the rivals.

On the Biggest Stages

Whether in the Super Bowl or vying for conference supremacy, Dallas and Miami have dueled in marquee matchups that often defined championship legacies. Their Super Bowl VI showdown went to the Cowboys, validating that squad. Three straight years in the ’90s they met with conference title game stakes. Dolphins vs Cowboys And most recently, their 2006 matchup sparked talk of a changing of the guard at quarterback, as Tony Romo assumed the mantle from Drew Bledsoe.

An Iconic Rivalry Endures

As two flagship NFL franchises, the Cowboys and Dolphins fully understand the weight of their rivalry’s history and meaning. Generations of fans cherish the memories, bitterness, and moments that will forever bond the Lone Star State to South Florida through this game. Dolphins vs Cowboys Future matchups will add new chapters to a timeless story.

Dolphins vs Cowboys: A Rivalry Born from Sunshine and Grit

Beneath the scorching Florida sun and the bright lights of Dallas, a rivalry as vibrant as the colors of the teams themselves unfolds: the Miami Dolphins versus the Dallas Cowboys. It’s a clash of contrasting styles, passionate fanbases, and a history woven with thrilling moments, bitter defeats, and enough drama to fill a Hollywood script.

Roots of Rivalry:

The seeds of this rivalry were sown in the 1970s, when both teams entered the NFL merger boasting distinct identities. The Dolphins, fueled by the “No-Name Defense” and led by the legendary coach Don Shula, embodied a disciplined, ball-control approach. Dolphins vs Cowboys The Cowboys, nicknamed “America’s Team” and led by the charismatic Roger Staubach, showcased an offensive juggernaut with a flair for the flamboyant. These contrasting styles collided in epic fashion, creating a rivalry that quickly captivated the nation.

Early Battles and Defining Moments:

The early years of the Dolphins-Cowboys rivalry were marked by close contests and iconic moments. In 1974, the Dolphins achieved the unthinkable, completing the only perfect season in NFL history with a thrilling 24-3 victory over the Dolphins vs Cowboys in Super Bowl VIII. This dominant performance cemented Miami’s reputation as a defensive powerhouse and forever etched the rivalry in the annals of NFL lore.

The Cowboys responded in the following decade, winning two Super Bowls (Super Bowl XII and XIII) and establishing themselves as an offensive juggernaut. The 1979 NFC Championship game remains a defining moment, where Danny White’s “Hail Mary” pass to Butch Johnson snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, leaving Dolphins fans heartbroken and fueling the flames of the rivalry.

Modern Day Resurgence:

After a period of relative quiet in the later decades, the Dolphins-Cowboys rivalry has experienced a modern-day resurgence fueled by talented young players and exciting matchups. Dolphins vs Cowboys Tua Tagovailoa’s dynamic playmaking and Jaylen Waddle’s electric speed have revitalized the Miami offense, while Dak Prescott’s arm talent and Ezekiel Elliott’s rushing prowess keep the Cowboys’ offense a force to be reckoned with. These head-to-head battles promise high-scoring affairs and edge-of-your-seat finishes, keeping both fanbases on the edge of their seats.

Beyond the Field:

The Dolphins-Cowboys rivalry extends far beyond the gridiron. The passionate fanbases of both teams create a unique atmosphere, with the Dolphins’ “Fins Up” salute and the Cowboys’ “Star” symbol serving as unifying symbols. Dolphins vs Cowboys Tailgating traditions, spirited chants, and unwavering support paint a vibrant picture of the passion this rivalry evokes.

A Rivalry Defined:

The Miami Dolphins vs. Dallas Cowboys rivalry is more than just wins and losses; it’s a tapestry woven with contrasting styles, unforgettable moments, and passionate fanbases. It’s a battle of sunshine and grit, a testament to the evolution of the game itself. As both teams continue their quest for Super Bowl glory, one thing is certain: the next chapter in this historic rivalry promises to be as thrilling and unpredictable as ever.

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The heated but respectful rivalry between the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins stands among the NFL’s richest tapestries, woven by icons across eras. Their annual clashes merge past legends and current stars into singular moments that define franchises and eras. As long as football is played, these two teams will battle with meaning and pride.

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When did the Cowboys and Dolphins first play?

The Cowboys and Dolphins first played in 1970, with Dallas winning 42-7. Don Shula took over Miami that same year, kicking off the rivalry’s iconic 1970s chapter.

How often do they play in the regular season?

The Cowboys and Dolphins play each other every four years during the regular season as part of the NFL’s rotating divisional schedule.

Who won Super Bowl VI between them?

The Cowboys defeated the Dolphins 24-3 in Super Bowl VI. It gave Dallas its first Super Bowl title and validated that squad as an all-time great team.

What are their overall records against each other?

Dallas leads the all-time series with Miami 8-4, including the Super Bowl win. The rivalry has featured long winning streaks on both sides.

When did they last play?

The Cowboys and Dolphins last met in 2019, with Dallas winning 31-6. Their next regular season matchup is scheduled for 2023.

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