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Baltimore Ravens Team Roster History, Facts, & Notable Players

Ravens' Defense Has Many Disguises and a Desire to Dominate


Since the franchise’s inception in 1996, the Baltimore Ravens have crafted an identity defined by intimidating defenses, physical play, overachieving underdogs, and a dedication to excellence. Baltimore Ravens Team Forged from the ashes of the relocated Cleveland Browns in the mid-1990s, the Ravens carved their own path while building a beloved brand around resilience and extraordinary defense. Through a commitment to culture, consistency, and character, they became fixtures of the NFL elite.

Defensive Dominance

Spearheaded by legendary linebacker Ray Lewis and coordinated by defensive masterminds like Marvin Lewis, Rex Ryan and Chuck Pagano, the 2000s Ravens fielded some of the NFL’s most feared defensive units ever assembled. Baltimore Ravens Team dominated with historically great defenses, including the 2000 squad that carried the team to its first Super Bowl triumph. This defensive identity persists as the team’s foundation.

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Perseverance Personified

On offense, the Ravens become known for an underdog, overachieving mentality embodied by QBs and RBs like Trent Dilfer, Jamal Lewis, Joe Flacco and Justin Forsett. Baltimore Ravens Team These grinders prevailed through perseverance, resilience and sheer determination. Alongside the stingy defense, this persona delivered playoff glory.

The Harbaugh/Flacco Era

When head coach John Harbaugh and quarterback Joe Flacco joined Baltimore in 2008, they ushered in the Ravens’ most successful period highlighted by a Lombardi Trophy in Super Bowl XLVII. Baltimore Ravens Team Harbaugh added discipline and wisdom to the physical formula, while Flacco provided big-game brilliance with his clutch postseason play, cementing the duo’s legacies.

Outlook for the Future

Anchored by coach John Harbaugh and exciting young talent like QB Lamar Jackson, the Ravens of the 2020s aim to add new chapters while upholding the franchise’s proven blueprint of staunch defense and resilience. Baltimore Ravens Team Having created a strong identity through consistency, the future remains bright in Baltimore.

Nelson Agholor15WRACT722009USC
Jalyn Armour-Davis5CBACT731972Alabama
Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu71OTACT77325ROregon
Rashod Bateman7WRACT731973Minnesota
Odell Beckham Jr.3WRACT712009LSU
Ben Cleveland66GACT783703Georgia
Jadeveon Clowney24OLBACT7726610South Carolina
Malik CunninghamQBACT73198RLouisville
Ronald Darby28CBACT711939Florida State
Gus Edwards35RBACT732386Rutgers
Daniel Faalele77OTACT803802Minnesota
Zay Flowers4WRACT69182RBoston College
Melvin Gordon33RBACT732159Wisconsin
Kyle Hamilton14SAFACT762202Notre Dame
Malik Harrison40LBACT752594Ohio State
Justice Hill43RBACT701975Oklahoma State
Marlon Humphrey44CBACT722017Alabama
Tyler Huntley2QBACT732044Utah
Lamar Jackson8QBACT742156Louisville
Josh Johnson17QBACT752149San Diego
Travis Jones98DTACT763382Connecticut
Charlie Kolar88TEACT782572Iowa State
Isaiah Likely80TEACT762412Coastal Carolina
Tyler Linderbaum64CACT743052Iowa
Justin Madubuike92DTACT753054Texas A&M
Arthur Maulet10CBACT691907Memphis
Patrick Mekari65OTACT763055California
Jeremiah MoonLBACT772501Florida
Morgan Moses78OTACT7832010Virginia
Sam Mustipher61CACT743324Notre Dame
Tyler Ott69LSACT752539Harvard
Odafe Oweh99LBACT772573Penn State
Del’Shawn Phillips53LBACT742304Illinois
Michael Pierce58DTACT723557Samford
Patrick Queen6LBACT722304LSU
Patrick Ricard42FBACT753057Maine
Tavius Robinson95LBACT78258RMississippi
John Simpson76GACT763304Clemson
Trenton Simpson30LBACT74238RClemson
Roquan SmithILBACT732366Georgia
Ronnie Stanley79OTACT783158Notre Dame
Brandon Stephens21CBACT732153SMU
Geno Stone26SAFACT712094Iowa
Jordan Stout11PACT752072Penn State
Laquon Treadwell18WRACT742156Mississippi
Justin Tucker9KACT7318812Texas
Brent Urban97DEACT7930910Virginia
Kyle Van Noy50MLBACT7525010BYU
Tylan Wallace16WRACT711983Oklahoma State
Broderick Washington96DTACT743144Texas Tech
Marcus Williams32FSACT732077Utah
Damarion Williams22CBACT701802Houston
Daryl Worley41CBACT732108West Virginia
Rock Ya-Sin23CBACT711955Temple
Kevin Zeitler70GACT7633912Wisconsin
Dontay Demus Jr.WRCUT76215RMaryland
Kyle FullerGCUT773205Baylor
Jeremy Lucien31CBCUT73197RVanderbilt
Eric TomlinsonTECUT782638Texas-El Paso
Andrew Adams37DBDEV712058Connecticut
Tarik BlackWRDEV752171Texas
Tykeem Doss63GDEV77380RSouthern Mississippi
Jake FunkRBDEV702052Maryland
Tashawn Manning62GDEV75340RKentucky
Ben MasonTEDEV752651Michigan
Rayshad Nichols91DTDEV743051Stephen F. Austin State
Josh Ross51LBDEV722292Michigan
Bravvion Roy93DTDEV733304Baylor
Sean Ryan82WRDEV75200RRutgers
Kevon Seymour25CBDEV721886USC
Tre SwillingCBDEV731961Georgia Tech
Scotty WashingtonTEDEV772471Wake Forest
Josh WellsOTDEV783069James Madison
Owen Wright36RBDEV69217RMonmouth
Mark Andrews89TERES772476Oklahoma
J.K. Dobbins27RBRES702154Ohio State
Devin Duvernay13WRRES712024Texas
Keaton Mitchell34RBRES68191REast Carolina
David Ojabo90LBRES762652Michigan
Ar’Darius Washington29SAFRES681762TCU
Tyus Bowser54LBRSN752507Houston
Nick Moore46LSRSN742603Georgia
Trayvon Mullen37CBRSN742005Clemson
Andrew Vorhees72GRSN78310RUSC
Malik Hamm59LBRSR75250RLafayette College
Kenyan Drake31RBTRC732168Alabama
Travis Vokolek84TETRC78260RNebraska
Tae Hayes18DBTRD691903Appalachian State
DeAndre Houston-Carson45DBTRD722028William & Mary
Duron HarmonSTRT7220511Rutgers
Baltimore Ravens Team: From Underdogs to Dynasty – A Story of Grit, Innovation, and Ray Lewis’ Soul

In the heart of Baltimore, where steel forged an industrial spirit, a different kind of toughness was born – the Baltimore Ravens. More than just a football team, the Ravens are a testament to a city’s resilience, a symbol of innovation, and a legacy etched in the sweat and Baltimore Ravens Team soul of legendary linebacker Ray Lewis. To explore the Ravens is to delve into a story of underdog triumphs, defensive dominance, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Humble Beginnings and Early Challenges:

Born in 1996, the Ravens entered the NFL as an expansion franchise, facing the doubters and naysayers of a sport already saturated with established names. Baltimore Ravens Team Yet, from the ashes of doubt rose a spirit of unwavering determination. Under coach Bill Belichick and led by the fearless Ray Lewis, the Ravens embraced a defensive philosophy unparalleled in its aggressiveness and innovation. Baltimore Ravens Team “The Swarm,” as their defense was aptly named, terrorized opposing offenses, paving the way for unexpected victories and silencing the critics.

The Ray Lewis Era: Defining a Legacy:

No story of the Baltimore Ravens is complete without Ray Lewis. Baltimore Ravens Team His electrifying intensity, his leadership by example, and his soul-stirring pre-game dance became synonymous with the Ravens’ identity. Lewis wasn’t just a linebacker; he was the Ravens’ heartbeat, the embodiment of their never-say-die attitude.Baltimore Ravens Team His presence on the field transformed the Ravens from underdogs to champions, culminating in a Super Bowl XXXV victory in 2000, a testament to the city’s resilience and the indomitable spirit of “The Swarm.”

Evolution Beyond Ray Lewis:

While Ray Lewis’ legacy remains forever etched in Baltimore’s soul, the Ravens didn’t rest on their laurels. The team embraced change, evolving with the game and adapting to new challenges. Baltimore Ravens Team Coaches like John Harbaugh and coordinators like Rex Ryan brought their own innovations, further refining the Ravens’ defensive dominance and building a well-rounded offensive attack. Baltimore Ravens Team Players like Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, and Lamar Jackson emerged as new stars, carrying the torch of excellence and writing their own chapters in the Ravens’ story.

Baltimore Ravens New Team
Baltimore Ravens New Team
The Era of Lamar Jackson: A New Dawn:

The arrival of Lamar Jackson in 2018 ushered in a new era for the Ravens. His dual-threat prowess revolutionized the quarterback position, injecting electrifying dynamism into the team’s offense. Baltimore Ravens Team Jackson’s ability to scramble, pass, and run with precision redefined offensive schemes across the league, making the Ravens a feared offensive juggernaut alongside their legendary defense. Baltimore Ravens Team The 2019 Lamar Jackson MVP season and the team’s subsequent playoff run are proof that the Ravens remain a force to be reckoned with, forever evolving and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the NFL.

Beyond the Gridiron:

The Baltimore Ravens are more than just a football team; they are a community pillar. The Ravens Foundation works tirelessly to improve the lives of Baltimore residents through educational initiatives, youth programs, and community development projects. Baltimore Ravens Team Their philanthropic efforts extend far beyond the stadium, solidifying their deep connection to the city they call home.

A Story of Resilience and Innovation:

The Baltimore Ravens are a testament to the power of human spirit, an embodiment of the city they represent. From the underdog beginnings to the Super Bowl triumphs, the Ravens’ story is one of resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination. Baltimore Ravens Team As they continue to rewrite the record books and challenge for championships, one thing remains certain: the Baltimore Ravens are more than just a football team; they are a symbol of Baltimore’s unwavering spirit, forever soaring as legends of the NFL.

To enrich further, consider exploring these additional aspects:

  • In-depth analyses of specific games and plays that defined the Ravens’ history.
  • Profiles of key players and coaches who have shaped the Ravens’ identity.
  • Discussions about the impact of the Ravens on the city of Baltimore and its culture.
  • Comparisons of the Ravens’ defensive philosophy to other iconic defensive units in NFL history.
  • Examining the Ravens’ future prospects and challenges in the context of the evolving NFL landscape.

By expanding on these and other intriguing facets, you can create a truly comprehensive and engaging piece that captures the essence of the Baltimore Ravens and their enduring legacy. Baltimore Ravens Team Remember, the most captivating stories are often found in the details, so delve deep and let the Ravens’ story come alive through your words.


Through a quarter century of play, the Baltimore Ravens constructed an iconic identity unmatched across the NFL. Baltimore Ravens Team Their brand of defensive ferocity, resilience under pressure, and sheer determination in the face of long odds has defined this beloved franchise. Baltimore Ravens Team The future promises more smashmouth football, gutsy triumphs, and purple pride.

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When did the Ravens begin play?

The Baltimore Ravens Team began play in 1996 after the original Cleveland Browns franchise relocated and became the Ravens.

Who was the Ravens’ first head coach?

The Ravens’ first head coach was Ted Marchibroda, who coached the Colts in both Baltimore and Indianapolis. Baltimore Ravens Team He led the Ravens from 1996-1998.

Who are some famous Ravens players?

Baltimore Ravens Team Famous Ravens include linebackers Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs, safeties Ed Reed and Rod Woodson, kicker Justin Tucker, and QBs Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson.

How many Super Bowls have the Ravens won?

The Ravens have won two Super Bowls in franchise history. Baltimore Ravens Team They won Super Bowl XXXV over the Giants and Super Bowl XLVII over the 49ers.

What is the Ravens’ mascot named?

The Ravens’ mascot is a black bird named Poe, inspired by famous poet Edgar Baltimore Ravens Team Allan Poe, who lived in Baltimore.

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