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New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers | Game Recap Highlights 2023

Saints vs Panthers 2023

Carolina. 7 yards, that’s embarrassing. Dean: That’s seven yards in the first two quarters combined. Christian McCaffrey, trying to get things going. One run, one first down, Pete Werner on the football stop. Establishing the line of tumult. Knock an extra protection in the box. Dean: And this is Denote Foreman. Baker is going out. Wrapped up by Demetrio Davis. One of Dean’s best tacklers: Picked up five yards on a box snap. This time the camera is cutting him from the inside. Kumara has some room.

Over 40 and that’s why they miss him so much. In the end, Jeremy and Jarvis knock Landry out. Third and six. Matt: Dangerous because of Olive’s speed, he likes his deep three receivers at the top of the screen, third and 18 cents. MATT: They’re getting out of here and into the zone. They come Dean: The pressure is coming. The catch is made by Jarvis Landry and he’s not close to the first out, but those are really good instincts. He is playing really well. Dean: The Panthers are looking at third-and-six. Saints run four; Baker has time, but again, is unable to connect with DJ Moore. Over shot it. MATT: He had it too. This was with him. Dan: It’s a camera from 45.

The ball is on the ground. The Panthers pick it up. And they are leaving. Marquis Hayes, Touchdown Carolina. MATT: There’s a flag in the game. Let’s see what it is. Dan: Put the flag on the 40 yard line. 3rd and 6th here for his offense in 2013. Alvin Kumara at the bottom of your screen. Dean: Missed. He is a little distant. Dean: Putting it on the ground on second-and-three, and Cuba Hubbard picks up the first down. They are coming to the ball quite well at the moment. Dean: Baker is under pressure. It snaps off, and Ian Thomas is making a dent: just four passing yards to Baker Mayfield, with less than two minutes to go in the first quarter. Going to throw again on the second and twelve. And it meets Robbie Anderson at the 30-yard line. First down, the leopard is moving forward.

New Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers

MATT: Well done Anderson. It’s really good to have Matt back: playing him here in the zone. Dean: DJ Moore finds, Mayfield has to deal with the pressure that comes his way. Moore’s first catch of the game but he was promptly caught by Pete Werner. Fifth season in the NFL. And this from 45 yards. Matt: Stuck in it. Dean: He did. So Carolina takes a 10-0 lead at home in the second quarter. Have you seen my new phone yet? Dan: Third and twelve, mark the anagram at the top of your screen, split wide. Give Chris Olive a quick pass and he’s not going to do it. Efforts are being made once again to save this panther. Miles at the Hartsfield stop.

His first meeting with Baker Mayfield was on the first day of training camp. Mayfield is under pressure. And that hallowed defense, Carl Grandson, has been swallowed up by looking at third-and-seven today. MATT: Showing a blitz. Dean: And here comes Blitz, Jamie has no choice but to get rid of him. Almost up, Shaq Thompson was there. The injuries were clearly uncomfortable for James to throw the ball. He is currently dealing with some back ankle issues. Matt: Good protection. Dan: And gives easy complements to Giovanni Ricci. Was his first NFL catching his last? Cuba Hubbard keeps his feet up, swinging out of the 50-plus zone for the Panthers, as they pick up another first down. Matt: Not easy to do. Star in Canada. Want to edit here today. There’s a slight flashback as DJ Moore, and he’s close to landing another one before Honey is out of range, and McCaughey jumps back. Quick throw on third down inside the 30 yard line. Matt: 48 yards.

Eddie Pinero has already made one, and Ingram, on his return to the game, about a perfect two Camera. Throws Winston and Michael Thomas are on the sticks, looks like he’s going to take it. MATT: He got it. Priceless. That man can do everything well. Dean: Taking your shot, up to the rookie, Chris Olive. Talking about the struggles of the Panthers and the Saints coming into the game. Two to two thirds down for this drive. Throw on third and three. Jarvis was looking for Landry. Blocked Saints jumped on it. Legs, I remember the story of moving to Knoxville, eventually finding out Karma didn’t have workout-ready cleats. Borrows a clean from someone else and runs a route to the wide receiver. Matt: Hate them. If it’s a catch, it’s a great catch. Dean: It’s Jarvis Landry, I think he got it. Hobble instead of knee bend. Dean: He was holding the ankle against the knee. Second and three. Karma got hit and ran away. Matt: That’s great.

Dean: He makes it look so easy. It’s Marquis Haynes who puts it in the backfield, and he never looks like he’s running three cents for eight on third-down conversions. A quick pass to the rookie, Olive and man, is he going to be the difference maker here today? MATT: We saw him as Pat Carr Michael, the offensive coordinator; see what he dials on second and 11. Wide open in the middle of the field. This is Frequent Smith who was here in Charlotte for the first time. And it’s shining on the Panthers’ defense, Jeremy Chen would play James on the security blitz, and he did. Dean: Now that’s a 48-yard kick to Will Lutz. Matt: Missed. The difference and once again, it’s Carolina’s defense putting the offense in good shape, and Christian McCaughey is now in plus territory. Matt: Nice job on the back of one of the six to date. And McCaughey isn’t going there. So this is a situation where the field makes sense, there are two tight ends in play.

The receivers are DJ Moore and Robbie Anderson. Tries to press in between. Fell down. James immediately jumps on it. Our flag is also down. Everyone Dean: That’s what I thought. Third and two. Then the next pressure baker pump fake, throws it, completes it, first down, shay it’s more about recovery than strength these days. Baker keeps the air down with a throw on third-and-six, looking for Anderson, unable to hook Roby. Dean: Ruby has given herself a great game here in the line of scrimmage. This is what you should do with tight ends. Dean: Big third down. Winston over time. Matt: Great throw. Certainly, James believes he and Jarvis have the most connection, he told us this weekend of any of the three talented wipeouts. Matt: Not too bad anyway. Dan: Exceptionally well, best wishes. James is starting to feel it. Offensively, they have over a hundred more yards than the Panthers. Oh yeah, nice touch.

Good throw, good ditch. Dean: Troutman puts it in. Down route and shots you normally do. Be smart and take the easy way out. This is good coaching. Dean: Getting good protection, wide open, Tremenquan Smite and you only have 15 yards of field. Dean: Here’s Ingram from the 5-yard line, for a touchdown, the first score of the day for the Saints. MATT: Different ball game now, a score game. A rough couple of weeks for the Vikings after a great opening weekend. Baker double clutches, and then gets rid of it. Larisa Chennault with some room. Lavaca Chennault, the former Jaguars, scored for the Panthers on the biggest play of the game, as they should. Dean: Trying to make it a 14 point lead. It’s going to put it on the ground. MATT: Nope. Dan: And won’t be able to get it. They told us this week that we were in the dump yard. And the boy she missed the second time was Thamatias Ova, a brilliant athlete.

Orleans Saints vs Carolina Panthers

Dean: Another completion 100 for Olive and rookie Dean: Looks like they’ll put pressure on second and ten again. Dean: Supported one. Rose raised the ball. Jesse Horn advises him, and its Derrick Brown with big man Thomas, he’s been making big plays for a long time. Dan: Here’s McCaughey again, trying to turn the corner, and he does. Matt: You know, usually when the fourth trimester. They are going very fast, but you have to hold the ball longer than that. A little too high for DJ Moore. MATT: That’s an easy one that’s Chennault, the other one came back. Dan: And Pinero’s kicking is good in terms of yardage and he’s a season best. The focus is on Chris Olive, who has 109 receiving yards so far out of Ohio State. James is under pressure again – James, remember he can’t even move because he’s got his back and he’s trying to get out of it. Larisa Chennault, the little crossing route at the top of your screen, is what Baker is looking for here. And how about another big game on 3rd and 14? Teaching continues as a coach and he is well aware of his dissatisfaction with what has happened here. He is dissatisfied and they cannot take well. MATT: You want to make them feel a little bad.

Take as many shots as possible. Dean: Almost go at it again. How Chris Olive is going up and pointing this fall, kind of wobbly, but good throw by James. Finding the rookie again and he has a monster game: nine catches, 149 yards for Luau. James hit the ground running again, and he did. Tree Tranquil Smith had another big walk off the field with 105 yards after the catch on the play. Jamie is in the end zone, caught, and is you serious? Marquez Callaway knocked him out of the air. MATT: He was sterling on 150 of them. Dan: He’s been fantastic. A slight side kicks by DJ Moore. Part of the hands-on team there. Way Matt: He’ll take it, I’ll take it. Dan: I would too. He got some help. What a great spirit Lavaca Chennault has shown in a Panther uniform. Matt: The difference in the game. Dan: Let’s talk about What a Pint, Good Graces, and Perfection by Johnny Hacker. Celebrate, Johnny Hacker, seconds left. 99 yards from James Winston.

Matt: Where’s Olive? Go deep Dean: Takes a shot to the right, it’s crowded and picked up. Earlier today, Jesse Horn threw his first and only career interception against James Winston. Winston, tipped by Jesse Horn, was stopped by a defensive tackle, and there was one where you had to get him in there and try to give your receiver a chance. James Winston’s stellar performance wasn’t enough as the Carolina Panthers picked up their first win of the season and first at home in over a year. Let’s go to the studio in LA. So the Carolina Panthers got it.

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