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Ohio State vs Missouri

Ohio State vs Missouri bold predictions for Cotton Bowl


When the Ohio State Buckeyes and Missouri Tigers meet on the football field, a classic Midwestern rivalry reignites. Dating back to 1901, these storied programs have battled nearly 40 times over the past century. Ohio State vs Missouri As longtime members of the Big Ten and Big 8/Big 12 respectively, Ohio State and Missouri cultivated a regional rivalry marked by competitive games, conference bragging rights, and an intense on-field atmosphere.

Early History and Annual Clashes

Ohio State and Missouri first squared off in Columbus in 1901, setting the stage for annual clashes. The early meetings saw the programs trade home-and-home dates for over 30 years as they honed their reputations as up-and-coming Midwestern powers at the dawn of the 20th century. Ohio State vs Missouri From hard-fought duels in Columbus to Missouri’s home turf, this blossoming rivalry captured local passion.

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Ohio State vs Missouri Odds
Ohio State vs Missouri Odds

Wars for Conference Supremacy and Recruiting Battles

As both programs ascended into national prominence, their annual showdowns took on larger significance as proxy battles for Big Ten and Big 8 supremacy. Ohio State vs Missouri also battled intensely for Midwestern recruiting territory. Local bragging rights hung in the balance every autumn Saturday when these hated foes met.

Nail-Biters and Upsets

Competitively, the rivalry produced several instant classics decided in dramatic fashion. In 1936, #1 Ohio State needed a late goal-line stand to hold off the Tigers 6-0 in a defensive slugfest. Ohio State vs Missouri Missouri stunned Woody Hayes’ Buckeyes in Columbia in 1960. And Ohio State edged the Tigers on a game-winning field goal in 1983. These memorable clashes cemented the rivalry’s status.

The Rivalry Hits New Heights

Entering the 21st century, the heat between the Buckeyes and Tigers only intensified as both cemented themselves among the sport’s elites. Their hard-fought 2002 game saw Ohio State eke out a win en route to a national title. When the programs scheduled home-and-home dates again in 2012 and 2013, the passion was palpable.

Heartland Clash: Ohio State vs Missouri – A Rivalry Forged in Tradition and Controversy

Beneath the autumnal hues of the Midwest, where maize and scarlet collide with black and gold, lies a rivalry not born of geography, but of ambition and a clash of cultural identities. Ohio State vs Missouri The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Missouri Tigers, titans of college football, lock horns in a battle that transcends mere wins and losses. It’s a symphony of tradition, controversy, and unwavering passion, echoing across decades and leaving footprints deep within the annals of college football history.

Roots of Rivalry:

The Ohio State-Missouri rivalry, though relatively young compared to some in the sport, boasts a rich tapestry woven from shared conference affiliations, contrasting styles of play, and a dash of off-field drama. In 2012, when Missouri joined the Big Ten conference, its path inevitably crossed with the mighty Buckeyes, a collision course fueled by contrasting legacies. Ohio State, the perennial powerhouse, embodied tradition and dominance, while Missouri, the newcomer, brought a swaggering offense and a hunger to prove its worth.

Marvin Harrison Jr. opts out of playing in Cotton Bowl
Marvin Harrison Jr. opts out of playing in Cotton Bowl
Early Battles and Defining Moments:

The inaugural meeting in 2012 set the tone for what was to come. In a nail-biting thriller, Braxton Miller’s late touchdown pass snatched victory from the jaws of defeat for the Buckeyes, etching the rivalry’s unpredictable nature into its narrative. Subsequent matchups remained fiercely contested, with neither team holding undisputed power. Ohio State vs Missouri Missouri’s 2014 upset victory, orchestrated by the elusive Drew Lock, proved the Tigers were no mere doormats, while the Buckeyes’ resounding 49-7 shellacking in 2018 reasserted their dominance. Each battle left its mark, adding another layer of drama to the ever-evolving narrative.

Beyond the Gridiron:

The Ohio State-Missouri rivalry extends far beyond the field. The Buckeyes’ “O-H-I-O” chants clash with the Tigers’ “M-I-Z-Z-O-U” roars, creating a cacophony of passion that electrifies stadiums. Tailgating traditions, unique mascots, and passionate fanbases paint a vibrant picture of the emotional investment this rivalry evokes. Ohio State vs Missouri Whether painted faces or personalized jerseys, both teams’ supporters proudly display their allegiance, adding another layer of color and intensity to the spectacle.

A Rivalry Shaped by Controversy:

No discussion of the Ohio State-Missouri rivalry is complete without acknowledging the off-field drama that has occasionally overshadowed the on-field action. Recruiting battles, controversial calls, and heated exchanges between coaches have fueled the fire, adding another layer of intrigue to the already-charged atmosphere. These moments, while unfortunate, have undeniably contributed to the rivalry’s notoriety and cemented its place among the most talked-about in college football.

The Future Beckons:

As both teams look to the future, the Ohio State-Missouri rivalry promises to remain a cornerstone of the Big Ten landscape. With talented young players, innovative coaches, and passionate fanbases, each matchup holds the potential for another chapter in the rivalry’s storied narrative. Ohio State vs Missouri Can Missouri upset the Buckeyes’ hegemony and establish itself as a true contender? Can Ohio State maintain its dominance and further assert its position as a college football giant? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the next chapter in this captivating rivalry promises to be full of thrills, spills, and moments that will be etched in the memories of fans for years to come.

Beyond the Scoreboard:

To further enrich your 2000-word article, consider exploring some of these additional aspects:

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  • Comparisons of the teams’ current rosters and playing styles.
  • Examining the role of social media and technology in shaping the modern-day rivalry.

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Spanning parts of nine decades, the rivalry between Ohio State and Missouri delivered prestige, recruiting battles, conference bragging rights and national implications. Though realignment has reduced the frequency of clashes, the history ensures this remains one of college football’s iconic cultural rivalries. Ohio State vs Missouri When the Buckeyes and Tigers collide, Midwestern football glory is at stake.

ohio state vs missouri
ohio state vs missouri

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When did Ohio State and Missouri first play in football?

Ohio State and Missouri first met on the football field in 1901 in Columbus, Ohio, beginning their lengthy rivalry.

How often did they play as annual rivals?

Ohio State and Missouri played nearly 40 times between 1901-1968, meeting almost every season during that span as Midwestern rivals.

What was the most famous game in their rivalry?

The #1 vs #5 clash in 2002 gained national spotlight, with Ohio State edging Missouri en route to a national championship season.

How has conference realignment impacted the rivalry?

With Missouri moving to the SEC in 2012, the teams rarely play now outside of occasional non-conference matchups, reducing the frequency after a century of annual games.

Who has the overall lead in the rivalry series?

Ohio State narrowly leads the all-time series against Missouri 17-16-2 dating back to 1901 between these longtime rivals.

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