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The Complete Guide to Fantasy Football Draft Strategy and Tips

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Fantasy football has exploded in popularity over the past decade, with millions of people participating in fantasy leagues each year. A successful fantasy football season starts with having a strong draft strategy and making the right picks during your draft. This guide will provide draft strategy tips, player rankings by position, and frequently asked questions to set you up for fantasy football success.

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The of Fantasy Football
The of Fantasy Football

Draft Strategy Basics

The key to a winning draft strategy is being flexible and avoiding rigid plans. You want to take the best players available while filling starting roles at each position. Positions to target early are running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. Quarterbacks and defenses can wait. Make sure your starting roster is set before drafting backups. Grab a top kicker in the last two rounds.

Running Back Draft Tips

Running back is the most important position in fantasy. Try to draft at least two solid starting RBs in the first four rounds. Elite three-down backs get a boost in PPR leagues. Target pass-catching backs later as PPR sleepers. Handcuff your top backs with their backups as insurance.

Wide Receiver Draft Tips

Aim for two starting WRs in the first five rounds. Target receivers on high-powered passing offenses. Value catches and targets over yards. Look for upside players with opportunities to break out. Grab a third starting WR by round seven. Add depth later with high-upside sleepers.

Tight End Draft Strategy

Only a few elite TEs are worth early round picks. If you miss out on them, wait and target high-potential middle-round options. Look for athletic TEs in productive offenses. Backup TEs can be drafted late or picked up off waivers.

Quarterback Draft Tips

Wait on QB and stock up on RBs/WRs early. Target QBs on prolific passing offenses. Dual-threat QBs have added value through rushing yards and TDs. Grab a backup QB with upside in later rounds.

Dalvin Cook Has Signed With The New York Jets!
Dalvin Cook Has Signed With The New York Jets!
Defense/Special Teams Draft Plan

Defenses can vary greatly year to year. Wait until the last two rounds to draft one, focusing on defenses with playmakers and ideal matchups to start the season.

Draft Day Tips and Strategies
  • Know your league’s scoring system and draft accordingly
  • Mock draft to practice strategy and learn player value
  • Be flexible during your draft and adjust to falls or runs
  • Have tiers and rankings ready for each position
  • Balance upside picks with safer, high-floor options
  • Don’t reach based on name value or past production
  • Pay attention to bye weeks as you draft.
Fantasy Football

Football has always been one of America’s most popular sports. The National Football League is one of the largest and most well-known professional sports leagues in the world. Fantasy Football is the perfect way to get involved in the NFL.

Key Fantasy Football Draft Questions

Q: How many RBs should I target in early rounds?

A: Try to draft at least two solid RB1/RB2 starters in the first four rounds. RBs get the most touches and offer the highest upside.

Q: What’s the best draft strategy for PPR leagues?

A: PPR emphasizes pass-catchers. Target WRs and pass-catching RBs. Draft 3-4 starting WRs early. Grab PPR sleeper RBs in later rounds.

Q: When should I draft a QB?

A: Wait until at least round 5-7. Use early picks on RBs/WRs. Target QBs on prolific passing offenses with upside.

Q: How should I approach drafting a TE?

A: Unless you get an elite top-3 TE, wait until the mid-late rounds for a high-upside TE on a productive offense.

Q: How many defenses should I draft?

A: Just one! Wait until the final two rounds and pick a defense with a strong early season schedule or playmakers.

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The of Fantasy Football Trophy
The of Fantasy Football Trophy


Success in fantasy football starts with drafting the right mix of safe, high-floor players and upside picks with breakout potential. Use these draft tips and strategy guidelines to build a well-rounded and deep fantasy team. Mock drafts are vital for practicing strategy. Know your scoring format and league settings. Adjust to runs and falls in the draft order. By mastering the draft, you put yourself in position to compete for that fantasy championship all season long.

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