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Adirondack Thunder

Adirondack Thunder 2022

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Adirondack Thunder ECHL Hockey at Cool Insuring Arena

In June 2018, the Thunder moved to Johnstown, PA to compete in the ECHL. The arena is the newly renovated Coal Insurance Arena, which was built to support events such as hockey games and concerts. The Thunder play in the Eastern Conference of the ECHL. Thunder’s mascot is a thunderbird, based on the Native American thunderbird, an animal that lives in the skies and helps with storms. The Adirondack Thunder is an ice hockey team in the ECHL. The team was founded in June 2018 when they were brought to Johnstown, PA to play in the ECHL. They play their home games at the newly renovated Cole Insurance Arena.

Thunder’s mascot is a thunderbird, based on the Native American thunderbird, an animal that lives in the skies and helps with storms. Promotions for the Adirondack Thunder will present a pregame concert with David Cook, ECHL member, national recording artist and American Idol Season 8 winner. The Adirondack Thunder of ECHL hockey will play against the Charlotte Checkers at Cool Insuring Arena. Adirondack Thunder brings the excitement of professional hockey back to Utica, NY. The Thunder play at Cole Insurance Arena in the East Coast Hockey League. Tickets are $12 and the team is the proud winner of the 2018 Kelly Cup Championship.

Adirondack Thunder Standing

Adirondack Thunder Standing

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Adirondack Thunder Schedule

Adirondack Thunder Schedule

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The Adirondack Thunder is a professional ice hockey team based in Glens Falls, New York. They are a member of the ECHL’s North Division and play their home games at Cole Insurance Arena.

The team is entering its sixth season in the ECHL and fans are excited to see what the upcoming season holds. The Thunder have consistently been one of the top teams in the league and have made the playoffs in each of the past five seasons.

The team will open their season on October 15 with a road game against Brampton Best. The next home opener is Oct. 22 against the Reading Royals.

Throughout the season, the Thunder will play a total of 72 games, 36 of which will be at home. The team would face division rivals such as the Reading Royals, Wheeling Nailers, and Norfolk Admirals.

Some key matchups to watch include a home-and-home series against the Maine Mariners on November 26 and 27 and a visit to the South Carolina Stingrays on December 31.

The Adirondack Thunder are known for their exciting brand of hockey and passionate fans. With a strong lineup and experienced coaching staff, the team is poised for another successful season. Don’t miss out on the action this season and watch a Thunder game.

Adirondack Thunder Box Office

The Adirondack Thunder is a professional ice hockey team based in Glens Falls, New York. The team plays in the ECHL, a minor professional league in North America. The Thunder are a relatively new team, having only joined the league in 2015. Despite its youth, the team has quickly become a fan favorite and a staple of the Glens Falls community.

A major reason for Thunder’s success is their impressive box office. In its first season, the team sold more than 6,000 season tickets and regularly drew large crowds to its home games at the Glens Falls Civic Center. The team’s box office success has helped them build a loyal fan base and establish themselves as a major presence in the ECHL.

The Thunder’s success at the box office can be attributed to their sensational brand of hockey. The team plays a fast-paced, physical brand of hockey that is entertaining to watch and has helped them win games on the ice. In addition, Thunder has also sought to build strong relationships with its community. The team regularly participates in community events and donates to local charities, which has helped them build a positive reputation and gain support from the people of Glens Falls.

Another factor in the Thunder’s box office success is their commitment to providing a great game day experience. The team offers a variety of promotions and giveaways throughout the season, keeping fans coming back for more. Additionally, the team has made improvements to the Glens Falls Civic Center, including sound system upgrades and new seating options, to help create a more enjoyable experience for fans.

Overall, the Adirondack Thunder’s box office success is a testament to their strong performances on the ice, their commitment to their community, and their focus on providing a great game day experience. As a result, the team has become a major force in the ECHL and a beloved part of the Glens Falls community.

Adirondack Thunder Jerseys

Adirondack Thunder Jerseys

The Adirondack Thunder is a professional ice hockey team that plays in the ECHL. Based in Glen Falls, New York, the Thunder were founded in 2015 and have quickly become a fan favorite in the Adirondack region.

One of the fan favorite things about the Thunder is the team’s unique and eye-catching jerseys. This jersey features a blue, white and orange color scheme inspired by the colors of the Adirondack Mountains. The team logo, a mighty looking Thunderbolt, is featured on the front of the jersey.

The jersey is made from high-quality materials designed to withstand the rigors of professional hockey. They are also breathable and comfortable, which is important for athletes who wear them during intense sports.

In addition to the team’s home jersey, the Thunder also have an alternate jersey that they wear on special occasions. These jerseys have a distinct color scheme and design, and are popular with fans as the team’s home jersey.

Overall, Adirondack Thunder jerseys best represent the team’s identity and the region they call home. They are an important part of the team’s brand and are loved by fans everywhere.

Adirondack Thunder Tickets

If you are a hockey fan and are looking for a fun and exciting game to attend, consider purchasing Adirondack Thunder tickets. Not only will you get to see some high-quality hockey, but you’ll also be supporting your local team.

One way to purchase Adirondack Thunder tickets is to visit their official website. From there, you can view the team’s upcoming schedule and select the game you want to attend. You can then purchase your tickets directly through the website, and they will be mailed to you or made available for pickup when you call.

Another option is to purchase tickets through a third-party ticketing website or at the arena box office on game day. Be sure to check the team’s schedule to make sure the game you want to attend isn’t sold out.

Once you have your tickets in hand, it’s time to get ready for the game. The Cole Insurance Arena is a state-of-the-art facility with comfortable seating, excellent sight lines and a lively atmosphere. Be sure to arrive early for food and check out the team store for some Adirondack Thunder gear.

During the game, you can expect high energy play and exciting moments. The Adirondack Thunder are known for their aggressive style and skillful players, so you’re sure to be entertained. And don’t forget to make some noise and show your support for the home team!

All in all, attending an Adirondack Thunder game is a great way to spend an evening. The team represents the local community well, and the atmosphere at their games is bright. So why not grab some tickets and experience the thrill of live hockey for yourself?

Adirondack Thunder Game
Adirondack Thunder Game

The Adirondack Thunder is a professional ice hockey team based in Glens Falls, New York. They are a member of the ECHL’s Eastern Conference North Division, and play their home games at the Glens Falls Civic Center.

The team was founded in 2015, when the city of Glens Falls entered into an agreement with the New Jersey Devils to relocate their American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate, the Albany Devils, to Glens Falls. In the same competition, the team was renamed the Adirondack Thunder and began play in the 2015–16 season.

The Thunder quickly became a prominent part of the Glens Falls community, drawing fans from the Adirondack region to their games. The team has a passionate and loyal fan base, known for encouraging and supporting the players on and off the ice.

The team is off to a strong start in their inaugural season, currently sitting in second place in the North Division with an 18–7–4 record. They are led by a strong group of players, including leading scorer Ryan Schmelzer and goaltender Joey Petrucci.

In addition to success on the ice, the Thunder have also been active in the community, partnering with local organizations and participating in events throughout the region. They have also worked to make their games an affordable and family-friendly entertainment option, with a variety of promotions and discounts available throughout the season.

Overall, the Adirondack Thunder has been a welcome addition to the Glens Falls community, providing exciting and competitive hockey as well as a strong presence in the community. The team looks poised to continue its success on the ice for years to come.

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